Villa San Leonardo

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"And there in the sunny olive groves, where only blue sky with cicadas and hard earth exist, there the prodigy,
the perfect capsule of the olive that fills the foliage with its constellations:
later the vessels, the miracle, the oil. "(Pablo Neruda)

Villa San Leonardo

Azienda Agricola CundariEXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL

Our organic EVO oil

The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, together with the Arancia Rossa di Sicilia, is the other great passion that binds us to our land, with the aim of capturing its best aspects.

With the focus on safeguarding the places that characterize our approach to work, we are paying special attention to the enhancement of the Carlentini property in Contrada San Leonardo, improving and increasing the production of our EVO Bio oil.

Here, in a context of marvelous biodiversity in which many examples of flora and fauna coexist, the great passion for oil was born, the good and genuine one, whose fragrances bring to mind images, colors and flavors of a florid and rich Sicily of traditions and culture.

The bottling done in the company also allows us to take care of the details of our commercial offer aimed at a clientele of excellence, in Northern Italy and abroad.
Azienda Agricola Cundari

Nel ristorante di Villa San Leonardo, l’agriturismo di c.da San Leonardo a Carlentini, luogo votato all’ospitalità nell’Azienda Agricola Cundari, potrete prenotare una cooking class in cui avrete l’opportunità di esplorare il mondo delle olive e dell’olio extra vergine biologico.Per il mese di ottobre potete prenotare una giornata da trascorrere tra la raccolta delle olive, la molitura e la degustazione.

Azienda Agricola Cundari


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Villa San Leonardo


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